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Alabama Clowns

Doo Lolly The Clown

Doo Lolly The Clown

Doo Lolly The Clown

Phone:     256-883-4FUN

Serving:  Huntsville – AL – Alabama and the surrounding communities.

Doo Lolly The Clown is a professional entertainer serving the Huntsville Alabama area and beyond.  Doo Lolly brings smiles for Birthday Parties, Balloon Deliveries, Company Picnics, Grand Openings, Daycare Centers, Nursing Homes, Church Events, Family Reunions and more.  Doo Lolly also offers Balloon Animals, Face Painting, and Balloon Decorating services for nearly any occasion.  Contact Doo Lolly today to setup entertainment for your special event, or visit the website for more info!

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